Adding a cluster

It is possible to create new clusters from EiffelStudio. A dialog window has been designed to help you do so.

There are three ways to make this window appear. You can:

Using this dialog, you can either create a subcluster of an existing cluster or a top-level cluster. If you decide to create a top-level cluster, you should give it a name and a path (if the selected path does not exist, it will be created). You can also choose if it should be recursive or not..

If you want to create a subcluster, give it a name and select its parent in the list of available clusters. Giving it a path is not required. If you do not set a path for a new subcluster, it will be located by default in a subdirectory of its parent cluster, named after the subcluster name. This is the recommended way of creating a subcluster (since its path in the configuration file will be automatically relative to the parent), but it is not compulsory.

To import an existing cluster, you can also go to the Groups section in the Project Settings dialog and click Add cluster. Although this solution may be slightly more tedious, it gives access to more options.

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