Reparent an Object

To reparent an object , you need to pick the object and drop it on the object you wish it to be parented in. The object will be removed from its current parent, and inserted in the new parent at the next available position.

When an object is inserted into a parent, it is always added at the next available position. If you wish to place an object at a particular position within a parent, you must hold down the Shift key, and drop on an object already contained in parent, Your object will then be inserted in the parent, in the position preceding the child object that you dropped on.

You can access objects from both the builder window and layout constructor .

Note: Although window and dialog objects may be accessed within the widget selector , it is not possible to build into these objects, you should use the layout constructor or builder window directly in this situation.

For more information about an objects capacity and permitted children, see the EiffelVision 2 documentation.

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