Eiffel for ASP.NET Documentation

Caution: This section concerns only Eiffel .NET Framework, and not .NETCore

CodeDom is a Microsoft .NET technology which allows representing source code programatically so that it may be rendered in different languages. The Eiffel CodeDom Provider is installed through Eiffel for ASP.NET which is available for download for free on the Eiffel Software web site ( http://www.eiffel.com ).
The following documents cover different aspects of the Eiffel CodeDom Provider:

  • Writing ASP.NET pages in Eiffel covers topics related to writing Eiffel pages in ASP.NET.
  • The Eiffel CodeDom Provider documentation focuses on the Eiffel CodeDom Provider per se. Read this documentation if you intend on using the Eiffel CodeDom Provider via a different mean than ASP.NET (e.g. to generate Web Services stubs using Microsoft's WSDL utility).
  • Finally, Eiffel for ASP.NET Tools and Administration covers the Eiffel CodeDom Provider Manager, the eSplitter and the Name Mapper tools that are included in the Eiffel for ASP.NET delivery.
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