Release notes for EiffelStudio 5.4

Graphical environment


  • Added support for mouse wheel in editor and associated parameterization in preferences.
  • Cluster tree is not collapsed anymore between compilation.
  • All callers will not show empty entries.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where setting the string background color to auto in the preferences will set it to a black color next time your relaunch EiffelStudio.
  • Fixed issue where typing in an empty features tree will close down EiffelStudio.
  • Fixed issue with BON diagram where expanded client links were not properly displayed (the expanded bar was drawn on top of classes instead of on the link itself).



  • Ability to debug .NET applications from EiffelStudio. It behaves like the traditional debugger except with the current limitations:
    • no conditional breakpoints
    • no expression evaluation
    • no expansion to see attributes of non-Eiffel objects

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue on Unix platforms where passing more than 5 arguments will disable debugging and ultimately crash the environment.


  • Click here for the EiffelBuild release notes.


  • Click here for the compiler release notes.



  • Fixed incorrect memory freeing in get_string in JNI_ENVIRONMENT that could cause some memory corruption.
  • Fixed VDRD error in method_id from JAVA_OBJECT.


  • Optimized i_th from PRIMES for the first 200 prime numbers.
  • Fixed bug in generic_typecode from TUPLE in .NET implementation which fixed an issue with is_reference_item.
  • Made TUPLE a descendant of HASHABLE and defined hash_code (based on the hash_codes of the elements of a TUPLE).
  • Added default_create as creation procedure of TUPLE and made make obsolete.
  • Added convenience features to TUPLE: put_XX_item where XX can be replaced by character, boolean, integer, double,....
  • Optimized ROUTINE, PROCEDURE and FUNCTION implementation to speed up agent calls by a factor of 2 to 3. Removed open_operand_type from ROUTINE as its specification was only used internally and specification was not precise enough to be used by clients of ROUTINE.
  • Fixed append from SEQUENCE to not perform a deep_clone when passed argument is the same reference as Current. This was a problem when the base class of the type of the elements inherited from MEMORY and redefined dispose. You could possibly end up freeing twice an external resource.
  • Changed implementation of INTERACTIVE_LIST to be based on ARRAYED_LIST rather than on LINKED_LIST.
  • Added efficient implementation of append in ARRAYED_LIST.
  • Fixed bug in multithreaded mode when you open in two different threads a different file with a different mode. For example one is in read mode, the other one is in write mode. If the operation happens at the same time, you could end up with two files open in read mode or two files open in write mode, which is not the expected behavior.


  • Fixed bug in set_delay and set_nodelay in NETWORK_STREAM_SOCKET, because their implementations were inverted.
  • Fixed incorrect spelling of maximum_seg_size in NETWORK_STREAM_SOCKET.
  • Added recoverable storable to EiffelNet (was not included in previous version although recoverable storable was available for files).
  • Fixed SMTP_PROTOCOL to follow more closely SMTP RFCs.
  • Added support for multi-line error codes in SMTP_PROTOCOL.


  • Improved speed of DATE and TIME comparison.
  • In DATE_VALUE added ordered_compact_date and made compact_date obsolete.
  • In DATE added make_by_ordered_compact_date and make_by_compact_date obsolete.
  • In DATE_VALIDITY_CHECKER added ordered_compact_date_valid.
  • Fixed C_DATE to buffer the current time rather than querying it for each of the time components. Not doing that was causing a bug in DATE, DATE_TIME and TIME where if the computation was done on December 31st at 23:59:59 2003, we could end up with a date of January 1st 2003, therefore being one year off. This is a breaking change from before and if you are using C_DATE, use update before each call to the *_now queries if you expected to reflect the time at the time of the query.


  • Added support for .NET
  • Made OBJECT_OWNER obsolete
  • Added wait_with_timeout in CONDITION_VARIABLE
  • Added READ_WRITE_LOCK class to be used in a system where few writes are done compare to reads. A typical example of its use would be to have a thread safe lookup table where few insertions are done.
  • Now a C externals that might block the execution of a system, should be marked blocking. See compiler changes for more details .



  • Fixed issue when sending exception trace to browser. On most servers you were getting an internal error rather than the exception trace.
  • Fixed issue with cookies from CGI_ENVIRONMENT as keys were stored as items, now the keys are stored as keys, items as items.


  • Renamed convert from CONVERTER class into extract_definition.
  • Renamed convert from WEL_FONT_FAMILY_ENUMERATOR class into update_current.
  • In WEL_TREE_VIEW, calling deselect_item will now really deselect the item, whereas previously, it only caused the item to be redrawn without selection.
  • In WEL_REGISTRY, open_value_key will now accept an empty string so that the default key value can be read.
  • Fixed issue with dword_value in WEL_REGISTRY_KEY_VALUE which returned incorrect values.
  • Made make in WEL_REGISTRY_KEY_VALUE accepts only string values, if you want to create a new instance with a value of a different type you need to use the new creation procedure make_with_value.

.NET libraries

  • Renamed THREAD and MUTEX into SYSTEM_THREAD and SYSTEM_MUTEX to avoid name conflicts with EiffelThread.

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