Release notes for EiffelStudio 7.2

  1. Graphical environment
    1. What's new
    2. Improvements
    3. Changes
    4. Bug fixes
  2. Compiler
  3. Libraries
    1. EiffelBase
    2. EiffelStore
    3. EiffelVision2
    4. WEL

Graphical environment

What's new

  • Added support for handling Unicode file names, environment variables, command line arguments and exception messages to your applications while preserving backward compatibility for existing code.


  • Usability improvements in the Eiffel Information System:
    • Find elements in deeper levels of referenced libraries
    • Try to locate links even if no system or cluster is specified
    • Better error messages
  • Allowed refactoring tool to rename a feature or a class by reusing an existing name.
  • Added support of class text containing Unicode characters when prettifying code.


  • To support Unicode file names a new class PATH was added, and most libraries using a string to represent a file name have been updated to also take a PATH instance as argument.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a crash during debugging that would cause an exception in {ES_OBJECTS_TOOL_PANEL}.real_update.
  • Fixed a crash while trying to import preferences and no project was loaded yet.


  • Click here for the compiler release notes.



  • Added new PATH class to represent a Unicode path. In addition it offers many features to compose or decompose a path in multiple components.
    • Migrated many queries only found in STRING_8 or STRING_32 into parent class READABLE_STRING_GENERAL, for example: has, item, index_of, last_index_of, ...
    • Added prepend_substring and append_substring for efficient insertion of substrings.
    • Replaced commands tail and head (which have been obsolete since 2001) with queries creating a copy of the current string with characters removed at the beginning or at the end.
    • Added caseless comparison of Unicode strings.
  • Added new REPEATABLE class.
  • Added is_first and is_last queries to iterators.
  • Fixed bug#18272 where {MANAGED_POINTER}.copy did not properly set count and thus yielded a postcondition violation when duplicating an instance.
  • Added new ARGUMENTS_32 class to handle Unicode arguments.
  • Added new UTF_CONVERTER class to handle various Unicode encoding conversions.
  • Changed definition of {DEBUG_OUTPUT}.debug_output to be READABLE_STRING_GENERAL, so that Unicode characters in the string representation of an object can be displayed in the EiffelStudio debugger.
  • Fixed an issue with `incorrect_mismatch' when it was applied to a HASH_TABLE whose keys are expanded but do not have a default value: the retrieved HASH_TABLE had one more item than the original one. It should fix eweasel test#table013.


  • Added support for Unicode SQL queries.
  • Added support for immutable strings.
  • Fixed an issue where passing a DECIMAL as an argument of a procedure did not set the scale (thus storing 1.00 when 100.00 was expected).
  • Added ability to perform a sequence of database select/update/delete as a transaction.
  • Fixed some limitations on the length of columns, errors and warnings.



  • Added support for Unicode file names.
  • Added support for properly handling UTF-16 surrogate pairs.
  • Fixed a bug in WEL_FONT for the computation of the size of a string that could cause string access on an invalid index; and removed unused calculations.
  • Fixed a bug in WEL_GDIP_METAFILE that would cause a C compilation error when compiled using GCC.

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