Refactoring actions include renaming classes and features, and relocating features to an ancestor class. Refactoring actions start with a compilation and also end with a compilation. Refactoring has a separate undo functionality which allows you to undo a refactoring action as long as no changes have been made to the classes that have been refactored.

The Refactoring toolbar contains holes for both the Rename () and Pull up () refactoring actions. So, if the Refactoring toolbar is visible, you can "pick" a feature, for example, and drop it onto one of the refactoring holes. If the Refactoring toolbar is not visible, you can make it visible or you can access refactoring actions through the context menu associated with a class or feature name (right-click to see the context menu, or shift-right-click if you are in "pick-and-drop by default" mode).

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