Create an object

An EiffelBuild object is a representation of an EiffelVision 2 component and its properties.

To create a new instance of an object, pick a type from the type selector and drop onto an existing object (Accessible from the layout constructor or builder window ). You will only be able to complete the drop if the targeted object will accept a new object of the transported type.

Note: Once an object has been created , it will always be contained in a parent object until deleted .

Creating Window and Dialog Objects

Window and dialog objects are created by picking a type from the type selector and dropping into the widget selector . If the target of the drop is a directory within the widget selector, the new object is created within that directory, otherwise in the root of the project location. Window and dialog objects are generated as individual classes by EiffelBuild.

Note: If there are no other windows or directories in the project, the newly created object is set as the root window.

Creating objects for re-use

If you wish to create an object that may be re-used in multiple locations within your EiffelBuild project, pick the type from the type selector and drop into the widget selector . This ensures that at generation time, the object is generated as a seperate class (as with all objects in the widget selector ). Objects within the widget selector may be used in a client fashion within other object structures as required, and any changes made to these objects are reflected at all locations in which they are used.

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