Set slice size command

Located in the object tool toolbar, this command changes the display size of special objects (i.e. objects whose class is SPECIAL, most importantly in the representation of arrays and strings). Because special objects may contain thousands of attributes, only the first fifty are displayed by default. If left-clicked, a dialog is popped up that sets the exploration indices of special objects that will be loaded in the future.

This pop-up also shows the "Maximum displayed string size" in the grid (object tool, or the watch tools).

This dialog changes the settings for future special objects:

You can affect the display of a single special object only by dropping the object onto this ( ) command. A dialog box appears, and the special object that is dropped is shrunk or expanded in the tree according to the new exploration indices you set in the dialog box. The dropped object may be any special object, top-level or not.

This dialog changes the settings for a single special object (the dropped object) :