Component selector

The component selector allows you to build and retrieve user defined components for use in your project.

Creating a component

To define a new component , pick the object that you wish to create the component from, and then drop it anywhere in the component selector. The following dialog will appear:

Modify the suggested name as desired, and then click OK to create the new component. If you click Cancel, the component will not be created.

The component that has been created will contain enough information to allow a copy to be built of the existing object. This includes all the children of the original object (to any depth) and the properties (width, height, color etc)of all objects within the structure. The only properties of the objects that will not be set inside a component are the user defined names, and any events connected to the objects.

Using a component

To create a new set of objects from a component , pick the component , and drop onto an object representation. If an object is full, or does not allow other objects of the new type to be contained, then you will not be able to drop on it.

If the pick and drop completed successfully, then you should have a new set of objects matching the structure of the component .

Deleting a component

To remove a component from your EiffelBuild system, pick it, and then drop it on in the main toolbar .

Note: The deletion of a component cannot be undone.

Viewing a component

To view an existing component, use the component_viewer .

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