Diagram toolbar

The toolbar of the diagram contains these buttons:

  • Target to cluster or class
    • Drop a class or a cluster on this icon to build the corresponding diagram.
  • Create new inheritance links
    • Selecting this button allows you to create inheritance, client-supplier or aggregate links by picking from one class and dropping on the other.
  • Remove figure
    • Drop figures in this hole that you want to remove from the view only.
  • Change color
    • Drop class bubbles in this hole to change their color, or click this button and change the color of all class bubbles at once.
  • Toggles the drawing quality.
  • Toggles the physics mode on and off.
  • Toggles view between BON notation and UML.
  • Allows to anchor or unanchor a class/cluster figure.
  • Displays physics settings dialog to control physics behavour.
  • Delete
    • Drop items in this hole to remove them from the system.
  • Toggle cluster color legend.
  • Put handles on a link
    • Click on this button to toggle right angles on all links in the view. Drop a link on it to bring up the link tool for that link.

In addition to these toolbar buttons there is also a drop down list for selecting various zoom percentages on the current view, and a view list for switching between previously saved views/layouts of various parts of the system.

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