EiffelBuild window overview

Window layout

The use of EiffelBuild is based around one main window which remains throughout the execution. The appearance of the main window is as follows:

The window contains several different tools, highlighted below:

  • The type selector - Situated at the top left of the window, this tool contains all the available EiffelVision 2 types available for interface construction.
  • The component selector - Situated in the middle left of the window, below the type selector , this tool contains all the user defined components.
  • The widget selector - Situated in the bottom left of the window contains all of the EiffelVision 2 windows contained in the open project. Each of these windows are generated by EiffelBuild as separate classes.
  • The layout constructor tool - Situated in the middle of the window, this tool displays a graphical representation of the interface that is currently being built.
  • The docked object editor - Situated to the right hand side of the window, this object editor automatically targets itself to the selected object in the layout constructor .

The type selector , component selector and widget selector may all be docked from their original position, permitting re-ordering and customization of the main window. Each of these may be docked external to the main window, permitting each to be displayed in their own movable window. For more information regarding the docking mechanism, see docking .

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