Release notes for EiffelStudio 6.7

Graphical environment

What's new


  • Allows filtering of C compiler warnings in the Error and Warning tool.
  • Accepts "license.lic" and "licence.lic" as a way to perform automatic licensing during saving.
  • Added filter functionality to the "Add Library" dialog.
  • Added a new XML (lite) library which is void-safe without Unicode support.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed some formatting issues when using the new loop form using across.
  • Fixed the saving of the diagrams to PNG.
  • Fixed bug#16831: Picking and dropping class from Features window into Editor tab clears Features window.
  • Fixed issue with libraries.cfg files used to know where to look for libraries (the trouble was only on Windows)


  • Click here for the compiler release notes.


Graphical environment

  • More compact "Execution" (debugger) menu
  • Now changing the catcall detection from the exception handling dialog has immediate impact (previously the user had to interrupt and continue the execution to see the impact)
  • It is now possible to open the exception dialog to visualize the CAT call warning exception at the debugger level.
  • Minor change, now Ctrl+Alt+C (or +Ins) will copy into clipboard the selected stacks without the (stack) values and Ctrl+C (or +Ins) will copy into clipboard the selected stacks with stack values (local and arguments)

Debugger engine

  • Now handle correctly manifest string and string_32 in debugger (expression evaluation)
  • Improved stepping in MT debugging session. Now the debugger stays in the same thread (instead of jumping from a thread to another without any coherence).
  • Fixed void-safety issue, when trying to evaluate Result in watch tool (previously, it was reporting VEVI ...)


  • Click here for the EiffelBuild release notes.



  • ARRAY:
    • Made {ARRAY}.make and {ARRAY}.conservative_resize obsolete as they are not void safe. Alternative recommendation is to use {ARRAY}.make_empty, {ARRAY}.make_filled or {ARRAY}.conservative_resize_with_default.
    • Added {ARRAY}.rebase that would help creating an empty array with a given lower.
    • BOUNDED_QUEUE and BOUNDED_STACK have been rewritten to use the same implementation of ARRAYED_QUEUE and ARRAYED_STACK, the only difference is that extendible is defined to be False. The correct_mismatch feature has been updated to ensure retrieval.
    • Fixed eweasel test#lib036 in FORMAT_DOUBLE where pad_fraction did not process properly when one decided to not show the trailing zeros and there were only zeros after the decimal point.
    • Fixed the post-condition of {FORMAT_DOUBLE}.pad_fraction to reflect that the count is set to decimals but only when one shows the trailing zeros.
  • Added WEAK_REFERENCE to allow weak references in an Eiffel system. This supersedes the IDENTIFIED class which made it necessary to change one's code to allow weak referencing. Currently the class is only implemented for classic Eiffel; it is not available when compiling for .NET.
  • Added new Eiffel tracing facility classes TRACING_HANDLER and TRACING_SETTING which let you capture some information about the current execution via callbacks.
  • Fixed eweasel test#list010 with twinning and deep_twinning of a FIXED_LIST that would reset capacity to count.
  • Added {TYPE}.is_expanded to find out if a type is expanded or not.


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