EiffelWeb Basic Sample

This sample shows how to retrieve and display information from a basic form on a web page.

Note: This sample requires a web server supporting CGI in order to be run. Both the Internet Information Services web server from Microsoft and the GNU Apache server may be used.


To compile the example:

  • Launch EiffelStudio.
  • Click Add project
  • Browse to $ISE_EIFFEL\examples\web\basic\.
  • Choose web.ecf
  • Choose the location where the project will be compiled, by default the same directory containing the configuration file.
  • Click OK.


You should copy the file web_demo.exe in the cgi_bin directory of your web server and the file sample.html in a directory on the web server.


To run the example, access the page sample.html that you copied on the web server with a web browser (typically ''http://localhost/sample.html''). Fill in the text field with a username and click Submit. You should see a page displaying the name you just entered. Although not earth-shattering, this sample shows the basis for building more complex forms processing in Eiffel.

Under the Hood

This basic sample has just one class SAMPLE which inherits from CGI_INTERFACE. SAMPLE implements execute which retrieves the name entered in the form and creates a new HTML page with it.

See the EiffelWeb class reference for the class interfaces.