CodeDom: Getting Started


Before you start writing ASP.NET pages in Eiffel, you should be familiar with the ASP.NET technology itself. If you haven't already, it is strongly recommended that you follow the ASP.NET quickstarts available online at . Apart from a few Eiffel specific points described in Using Eiffel, writing ASP.NET pages in Eiffel follows the same rules as writing ASP.NET pages in any other language. Writing ASP.NET pages in Eiffel also requires to be familiar with the Eiffel programming language itself. There are no changes in the language when using it to write ASP.NET pages: the same parser and compiler are used to parse and compile standard Eiffel source code and ASP.NET generated source code. Documentation on the Eiffel programming language can be found on the Eiffel documentation web site .


The Samples folder of the Eiffel for ASP.NET delivery includes ASP.NET pages written in Eiffel. To run the samples you can either click on the corresponding link in the Start menu or open the page http://localhost/EiffelSample in your internet browser. Each sample comes with an extensively commented source code.

Note: The samples will only be available if IIS was installed prior to installing Eiffel for ASP.NET.