Release notes for EiffelStudio 15.12

Graphical environment

What's new

  • EiffelStudio has been updated to support the new agent's type notation which removes the first actual generic parameter, this change impacts the various wizards and all the Eiffel code included in the EiffelStudio delivery. To help users migrating their code, the syntax_updater command line tool has been updated to allow an easy update of both the Eiffel classes and their corresponding ECFs.
  • EiffelStudio is now integrated with the new support site entirely rewritten using EWF and in beta until now.


  • When displaying the flat of code involving conversions of manifest constants such as assigning 1 to an INTEGER_8 variable, we will simply show 1 and not 1.to_integer_8 which is not valid Eiffel code.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed display of flat form involving a procedure agent.
  • Improved preferences hanlding for the Eiffel Inspector tool.


  • Click here for the compiler release notes.



All libraries have been updated to the latest syntax for the agent's type.


  • Exported read_to_string from FILE to allow user side buffering.


  • Added a precondition to add_parent_structure_preference_row and formatted_name that a preference name cannot be empty (this might be the case when preference names get erroneously converted from non-ASCII strings, e.g. as it was with incorrect implementation of code analysis preferences).
  • Avoided automatic formatting of a preference name if it has whitespace to allow for preference names with underscore characters or those that are pre-formatted.
  • Added a creation procedure to pass a preference grid control explicitly in case some fine-tuning is needed.
  • Changed type of preference values to READABLE_STRING_32 to avoid conversion when the values are loaded from XML where values are returned as READABLE_STRING_32.


  • Fixed issue with xml source file having the %R character for the custom parser which would be ignored.
  • Fixed xml parsing issue with CDATA endings with ]]]. For instance <![CDATA[Foo bar ref [1]]]>
  • Provided a basic implementation to output character data as <[!CDATA[ ... ]]> for xml printer.

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