Release notes for EiffelStudio 6.8

Graphical environment

What's new


  • Improved dialog that adds a new class to the system:
    • Changed button label to be more explicit about its action
    • Removed detachable status when it is not used
    • Removed unnecessary frame boxes
    • Simplified code that opens the dialog.
  • Improved keyboard navigation in the Info tool.
  • Avoided class counter increment in automatically generated class name if class addition is cancelled.
  • Set file name of current class to the Save File As dialog.


Bug fixes

  • Corrected output of the iteration (across) form of the loop construct in clickable views.
  • Fixed feature call on void target when reopening a project with diagram tool that contains cluster legend.
  • Fixed a bug in the Info tool: when deleting an EIS entry, selecting "No" did not actually cancel the deletion.


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Graphical environment

  • It is now possible to detach the debugger from the application (without killing the application).
  • It is now possible to attach the debugger to associated eiffel application launched outside EiffelStudio
    • The application has to be launched in a specific way to wait for the debugger, that is, either
      • by setting ISE_DBG_PORTNUM environment variable to a specific port number, or
      • by calling {RT_DEBUGGER}.rt_workbench_wait_for_debugger (a_port_number) from the program itself
    • Then with EiffelStudio, menu Execution->Attach Debuggee and provide the same port number.
    • At this point EiffelStudio is able to debug the application


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  • Minimized interface of ITERATION_CURSOR to simplify crafting cursors for iteration form of a loop on non-container classes, for example, on externally-driven input like files, sockets, etc.



  • Various bug fixes.
  • Extended types supported by EiffelStore, especially STRING_32 for Unicode string types.
  • Improved memory management in EiffelStore, ODBC implementation.

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