Adding a class

A dialog window is dedicated to the creation of new classes.

A list of all the clusters of the system lets you to choose in which one the new class will be inserted. The name of the new class and the name of the corresponding file can be set thank to two text fields above the list. It is also possible to define whether the class should be deferred or expanded, what its creation feature is (if any), what its parents are and whether the default feature clauses should be generated.

Tip: You can change the class text that is generated by default by editing the following files:

$ISE_EIFFEL\studio\help\defaults\$ISE_PLATFORM\full.cls (with default feature clauses) and

$ISE_EIFFEL\studio\help\defaults\$ISE_PLATFORM\empty.cls (without default feature clauses).

To make the window appear, you can:

  • Click in the standard toolbar .
  • Select New class in the Tools menu.
  • Type the name of the new class in the class field of the main address bar or the context tool address bar . The current cluster will then be preselected.
  • Use the Diagram tool : Pick the icon and drop it on the diagram in the right cluster. This will make the dialog window appear with the chosen cluster selected.

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