System menu

The System Menu gives general information about the system: (A) Config : show the config file. (L) Classes : show the classes in alphabetic order. (S) Cluster hierarchy: display the cluster hierarchy of the system. (C) Clusters : show the system's classes, cluster by cluster. (V) Edit : edit the config file. (I) Indexing : show indexing clauses of classes. (O) Modifications: show classes modified since last compilation. (T) Statistics : show system statistics. (H) Help : show list of commands. (M) Main : go back to main menu. (Q) Quit : terminate session. (Y) Yank : yank (save) output of last command to a file.

The A (Config) command shows the configuration file; the E (Edit) command enables you to edit the configuration file; the C (Clusters) command is useful to display the entire list of classes, cluster by cluster.