Network communication solutions

Many Eiffel applications take advantage of networking. The Eiffel solutions to support networking include the EiffelNet, ZeroMQ and http_client libraries.

Choosing the right libraries

The libraries serve different, and complementary, purposes:

  • EiffelNet enables Eiffel systems to use many Internet concepts and protocols: sockets, network address, IPV4, IPV6 and others.
  • ZeroMQ supports direct messaging.
  • http_client is a web client used to send HTTP requests (GET, POST, ...) and process the associated responses.

Using the libraries

Here is how to take advantage of one or more of the above libraries in your Eiffel system:

  • EiffelNet:
manipulation of sockets, network addresses, IPv4, IPv6. But also basic limited implementation for a few protocols. $ISE_LIBRARY/library/net/net.ecf
  • ZeroMQ:
wrapping for the ZeroMQ Distributed Messaging .
  • http_client:
simple web client to send http (GET, POST, ...) request and receive associated response. $ISE_LIBRARY/contrib/library/network/http_client/http_client.ecf
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