Import a project

The contents of an existing project may be imported into the currently open project, permitting re-use of existing structures. All versions of EiffelBuild before 5.4 limited each project to a single titled window, with 5.4 removing this limitation. The ability to import multiple EiffelBuild projects into a single project is useful for maintaining larger systems with many windows.

To import the contents of an existing project, select 'Import Project' from the 'File' menu as illustrated below:

Upon selection of the menu item, a file dialog is displayed prompting for the EiffelBuild project to be imported (".bpr" files) . Selecting a valid EiffelBuild project file causes the import to commence, during which, EiffelBuild is unresponsive. Please be patient, as importing a large EiffelBuild project may take a little while, depending on the speed of the system.

Upon completion of the import, there are two possible outcomes:

  • No name clashes occurred: No names from the imported project clashes with those of the open project. In this case, notification of success is displayed in the status bar for a short period of time.
  • One or more name clashes occurred: One or more objects or constants from the imported project had names that matched that of objects in the open project. As the names are used directly in the generated code, they must be unique within their scope (accessible within the code), and therefore EiffelBuild must resolve these clashes. A dialog is displayed on screen showing all the names that were resolved by EiffelBuild:

Note: If a name clash occurs, the names of the imported project are modified, not the open project.

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