Release notes for EiffelStudio 7.3

  1. Graphical environment
    1. What's new
    2. Improvements
    3. Changes
    4. Bug fixes
  2. Compiler
  3. Debugger
    1. Graphical environment
  4. EiffelBuild
  5. Libraries
    1. EiffelBase
    2. EiffelStore
    3. EiffelVision2
    4. WEL

Graphical environment

What's new

  • A change analysis for documents in the Eiffel Information System where one can be notified of which documents to update when a class is modified, and conversely whenever a document is modified which classes might need updating.
  • EiffelStudio will now show you the contracts of a feature when completing code, letting you quickly find out the proper way to call it.
  • When debugging, moving the mouse pointer over an expression will cause the debugger to evaluate the expression and display its computation result in a tooltip.


  • Used void-safety settings of a target to list libraries that are compatible with it and provided more details on their void-safety status in the dialog for adding libraries.


  • In AutoTest, tests will be executed under the location of the Eiffel configuration file (ECF) and not in the Testing subdirectory of the EIFGENs directory.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a memory corruption that would occur when you have multiple errors during a compilation and you are opening each error in its own tab editor: after opening 4 or 5 tabs, EiffelStudio could become unstable.
  • Fixed a crash after saving a diagram as a PNG file.


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Graphical environment

  • Added ability to evaluate expressions by simply hovering over the feature tool while debugging.


  • Click here for the EiffelBuild release notes.



  • Updated TUPLE and depending classes to separate entities.
  • Updated ROUTINE and descendants to be usable for agents with separate targets.
  • Fixed a comparison bug with EQUALITY_TUPLE which actually would only compare the last elements.
  • Made INTERNAL obsolete. It is now replaced by two sets of classes: a static introspection class and a dynamic one. The class that lets you examine the static content is REFLECTOR; most references to INTERNAL can easily be replaced by REFLECTOR. To inspect objects, you have a new set of classes starting with REFLECTED_OBJECT. This lets you inspect objects with copy semantics without actually causing a copy each time you access it, unlike what was happening before with INTERNAL.
  • Fixed a reallocation bug in SED_MEMORY_READER_WRITER where if you retrieve a large chunk, we would not allocate enough memory.
  • Added ability to store/retrieve expanded objects and objects with copy semantics with SED.
  • Storables made using SED from version 6.6 or earlier of EiffelStudio not using the is_for_fast_retrieval setting won't be recoverable.


  • Do not remove trailing spaces for string content.
  • Changed the type mapping for string objects to varchar instead of char at table allocation for ODBC.



  • Fixed a 64-bit truncation bug in the message dispatcher of WEL.
  • Fixed a memory corruption that would occur when loading a 32-bit BMP image as a background image of a container in a 16-bit or lower display.
  • Fixed an issue with WEL_CHOOSE_FOLDER_DIALOG where set_starting_path had no effect.

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