EIS supports following protocols:

  • URI: This protocol does not need to specified. By default, it will be taken if nothing is specified or unknown protocol is specified.
  • PDF: PDF protocol supports three parameters: "type" "page" and "nameddest". (Windows only)
    • type - "file" is used to open PDF files in PDF reader. Otherwise in a browser.
    • page - a page number at which to open a document.
    • nameddest - a named destination at which to open a document.
  • DOC: Represents a Microsoft Word document.
    • bookmark - Name of a Microsoft Word document bookmark.

The list of currently supported protocols is always available in a drop-down menu associated with entries in the Protocol column of the Information tool's annotation list.

Note: The status of supported protocols described above is as of EiffelStudio version 7.1.

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