EiffelPreferences Sample


  • Launch EiffelStudio.
  • Click Add project
  • Browse to $ISE_EIFFEL\examples\preferences\.
  • Choose preferences_example.ecf
  • Choose the location where the project will be compiled, by default the same directory containing the configuration file.
  • Choose the target: registry (Windows only) will use the registry to store the preferences, xml will use a xml file to store the preferences.
  • Click OK.


After launching the application, you will see a window displayed with 2 buttons. When clicked each will display a window showing the preferences, one is the default view provided with the library, the other is a custom view for purposes of example. The default view looks like:


The custom view looks like:


In each dialog you can select the preferences and alter the values.

Under the Hood

This example shows you how to achieve the following tasks:

  • Create preferences using the library supplied preference types and associated views
  • Use the default widget for viewing preferences and manipulating their values
  • Create a custom preference (a preference for storing correctly formatted directory path names)
  • Create a widget to view and change the custom preference type value
  • Create a custom manager to register custom types to the system
  • Create a custom dialog for viewing all the preferences