Debugger Preferences

This category contains preferences that are specific to the EiffelStudio Debugger and the debugger tool. These preferences are:

Label in the preferences window Complete Description
Critical stack depth Stack overflow detection: depth of stack at which execution will pause and ask whether it is ok to continue (only works in classic Eiffel).
Debug output evaluation Display DEBUG_OUTPUT.debug_output for objects whose base class inherits from DEBUG_OUTPUT.
Default displayed string size Default number of displayed characters of a STRING (increasing this value might slow down debugging).
Default expanded view size Default number of displayed characters in the expanded view (increasing this value might slow down debugging).
Default maximum stack depth Default number of call stack elements shown in Call Stack tool (-1 to show all of them).
Delay before cleaning objects grid Delay in milliseconds before cleaning the Objects tool view.
Dotnet debugger Which .NET debugger to launch.
Expanded display background color Background color for expanded display view (default is white, change it to better see white spaces in displayed text).
Generating type evaluation Display the base type of an object if enabled, otherwise just the base class (disabling it might speed up debugging).
Interrupt every n instructions Number of instructions that will be executed before interrupting the execution.
Max evaluation duration Number of seconds to wait before cancelling an evaluation.