General Editor Preferences

General Preferences

Label in the preferences window Complete Description
Automatic update Automatic update when the file has not been modified.
Blinking cursor Does text cursor blink?
Editor font All-purpose editor font.
Keyword font Keyword editor font.
Left margin width Width of left margin in editor. Note: this is not the breakpoint margin, but the whitespace to the left of the editor.
Mouse wheel scroll full page Mouse wheel scroll full page?
Mouse wheel scroll size Mouse wheel scroll size.
Quadruple click enabled Does a quadruple click select the entire document?
Scrolling common line count Number of common lines staying on screen after scrolling by one page up or down.
Show line numbers Indicates if editor displays the line numbers by default.
Smart indentation Should editor perform auto-indenting?
Tab step Number of spaces that a tabulation character represents.
Use buffered line Indicates if editor line drawing is first buffered and then drawn, or just drawn directly to the screen. If true scrolling will be smoother, but performance will be slower.
Use tab for indentation Should tab character be used for auto-indentation?

Display Colors

Label in the preferences window Complete Description
colors.normal_text_color Color for normal text.
colors.normal_background_color Background color for normal text.
colors.selection_text_color Color of selected text.
colors.selection_background_color Background color of selected text.
colors.string_text_color Color of string text.
colors.string_background_color Background color of string text.
colors.keyword_text_color Color of keyword text.
colors.keyword_background_color Background color of keyword text.
colors.spaces_text_color Color of space characters.
colors.spaces_background_color Background color of space characters.
colors.comments_text_color Color of comments text.
colors.comments_background_color Background color of comments text.
colors.operator_text_color Color of operator text.
colors.operator_background_color Background color of operator text.
colors.number_text_color Color of number text.
colors.number_background_color Background color of number text.
colors.margin_background_color Background color of line number margin.
colors.margin_separator_color Color of separator between line number margin and editor.
colors.line_number_text_color Color of line number text.

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