Execution profiles

While working on a project, you may want to launch your system with values for one or more arguments, specify a working directory, and/or change certain environment variables.

Those parameters are done by changing the execution profiles. For that you need to use the Execution parameters dialog.

  • You can open this dialog in either of two ways:
    • Follow the EiffelStudio menu path: Execution -> Execution parameters .
    • Right-click any of the buttons on the debugging/execution toolbar.

Using the "Execution parameters" dialog

The dialog allows you to manage different execution profiles to specify parameters to be passed to the system at execution time.

Each profile lets you set a title, the arguments, the working directory, as well as your own environment variables.

To use a profile, just select it by clicking the corresponding line in the grid.

Once the appropriate execution profile is selected then the system can be run with those parameters using the Run button (If "Keep Dialog Open" is selected the dialog remains opened).
To run without any particular parameters, select the default profile.

If you click on "Run Workbench" or "Run Finalized", the system will be executed outside EiffelStudio (thus debugging is unavailable).

Tip: From version 6.5, you can unset an environment variable FOO by adding the "&-FOO" to the environment variables. By prefixing with "&-", you mark the variable "FOO" to be removed. If you use "&-*", all variables will be removed (except for any that you add to the list after the "&-*" entry).

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