Main toolbars

At the top of a development window, the toolbars are displayed by default. The four toolbars are:

  1. Standard buttons toolbar
  2. Project toolbar
  3. Address toolbar
  4. Refactoring toolbar

You can choose which toolbars are displayed by right-clicking one of the toolbars, or by following the menu path:

View --> Toolbars

In the figure below, all four toolbars are visible.

The standard buttons toolbar and the project toolbar are docked next to each other on the same toolbar line. So the standard buttons toolbar is indicated here:

and the project toolbar is indicated here:

The address toolbar shows the currently targeted class and feature, and has button-holes for advanced views:

The refactoring toolbar has button-holes for Pull-Up and Rename Class/Feature refactoring actions:

Note: For each toolbar, it is possible to choose which buttons are displayed and which ones are not. See the Toolbars customization page for more information. Also, you can change the location of the toolbars by undocking and/or redocking them. See more at Customizing the tools layout and toolbars.

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