Setting the command line arguments

To debug a program that uses command line parameters, it is possible to have the debugger call the generated program with certain command line arguments automatically.

To change the command line arguments used when debugging:

  • Open the menu entry Execution > Execution Parameters ..
  • In this dialog, you can change the current arguments, working directory, and add, change or remove environment variables.
    • Use the [Add] button to add a new execution profile.
    • Select the Arguments line, and press [Enter] to set the arguments value (or double click on the related grid cell).
    • Same for Working directory
    • To change the environment variable, follow the instructions, i.e double click or press enter to Add a variable, or right click to select from existing variable list. Once the variable line is added, by Right-clicking on the variable line, it is possible to:
      • fill with current variable value (if any),
      • unset it (this way, at execution time, the variable will not be set)
  • Click [Run] to launch the execution in the EiffelStudio debugger.
  • It is also possible to launch the execution outside EiffelStudio using the [Run Workbench] button.

Tip: To get the command line arguments in a program, it is possible to either define the root feature as taking an array of STRING_8 objects, or to use the ARGUMENTS class, which provides a lot of functionality linked with command line arguments.

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