Preference window overview

The preferences dialog provide the main table, a filter bar, a the bottom tool bar.

The table is used to display a grid with the preferences displayed in a tree or flat view.

There are several kinds of preferences:

  • Boolean preferences : their possible values are "True" and "False". A check box will allow you to choose between both.
  • Color preferences : Their value is represented by three integers, which are the RGB code of the color. You do not have to use RGB codes though. When you double-click such a preference a color chooser dialog will display, allowing you to change the color value.
  • Font preferences : A font selection window will appear if you double-click the value label.
  • Shortcut preferences : edit the value cell, and press the wanted shortcuts..
  • Other preferences : They will be modified by typing their value directly into an editable text field.

If there is no message stating you need to restart EiffelStudio, changes will be taken into account immediately.

Tip: below the table, you will find a text field with the internal name of the preference (for instance:

Tip: you can export preferences to xml file, and import from xml file, this can be convenient when reinstalling EiffelStudio).

Warning: If you restore default preferences values by clicking on the "Restore Default" button, then ALL preferences will be reset.

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