Code Analyzer: Interpreting Results

Sorting and Filtering

The list of rule violations can be sorted by any column by clicking on its header. Click it again to switch the sorting direction. You can hide and show errors, warnings, suggestions, and hints by clicking the corresponding toggle buttons in the middle of the toolbar. Typing in the text field on the right side of the panel toolbar filters the results. The filter takes into consideration the title, the ID, the affected class, and the description of the rule. It is a live filter that filters while you are typing. Press the button on the right of the text field to clear the filter and display again all violations.

The Results of code analysis as a list of rule violations (example)

Navigating Through the Results

In the list of rule violations, formatted elements like classes and features are clickable and draggable like anywhere else. In order to navigate to a specific rule violation just double-click the corresponding row. The corresponding class will be opened (if needed) and the cursor will jump to the exact location of the rule violation (some violations do not have an exact location because they refer to a whole class). You can also navigate through the results using the Go to next rule violation and Go to previous rule violation buttons on the right side of the panel toolbar.

Fixing Rule Violations

Fixing a rule violation.

Some violations provide automatic fixing. Right-clicking the corresponding row in the tool panel opens a context menu where you can choose from one or more possible fixes. When you click on Fix: ... the source code will be adapted and the project will be recompiled.