Compile (and run) menu

The Compile command (i or I) in the main menu yields the following item menu: (A) Arguments : set the arguments. (C) F-compile : (re)compile the C code generated by finalize. (Z) Finalize : finalize the system (discard assertions by default). (F) Freeze : freeze the system. (L) Melt : melt the system. (K) Quick melt : quick melt the system. (R) Run : execute the system. (W) W-compile : (re)compile the C code generated by freeze. (H) Help : show list of commands. (M) Main : go back to main menu. (Q) Quit : terminate session. (Y) Yank : yank (save) output of last command to a file.

The most common compiling option is L (Melt): recompile the system, melting recent changes. The other compilation possibilities are F (Freeze) and Z (Finalize). After a Freeze you will need to C-compile the result using the W (W-compile) command; similarly, you can C-compile the result of a Finalize using C (F-compile).

Caution: You cannot select a different project from within ec loop; also, you cannot select a different configuration file from within the command, although you may of course change the contents of the configuration file (for example by using an editor in an other window).

The R option (Run) runs the application. You will be prompted for the arguments if the application needs any.

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