EiffelBuild Version History

  1. 7.3 Release
  2. 6.8 Release
  3. 6.7 Release
  4. 6.5 Release
  5. 6.0 Release
  6. 5.7 Release
  7. 5.6 Release
  8. 5.5 Release
  9. 5.4 Release

7.3 Release

  • Fixed a crash which could occur when generating a project.
  • Fixed a crash when saving a project if it contained a pixmap with no path specified.

6.8 Release

  • Fixed bug#13069 and bug#17427 for the incorrect generated code of the change_actions on an EV_SPIN_BUTTON.
  • Fixed the icon view mode display for widgets where content was shown incorrectly in previous releases.
  • Fixed code generation of widgets when generated as clients.

6.7 Release

Updated the generated code to the latest Eiffel syntax as specified by ECMA.

6.5 Release

  • Fixed bug#15947 to make the generated code compile in void-safe mode.
  • Fixed bug#13296 when retrieving a project using an EV_SPIN_BUTTON element.
  • Fixed bug#12880 by improving speed of key navigation which was slowed down by attempting to refresh the object editor each time a new widget was highlighted. Now it is only done when the highlight doesn't change for a while.

6.0 Release

  • Code generation includes the facility of closing the application when last window is closed.
  • The EiffelBuild binary has been renamed into esbuilder.
  • Fixed crash when generating code which included a combo box in read-only mode.
  • Fixed bug#12920 where pressing a digit while dropping was not adding x-time the selected widgets (where x is the digit pressed).
  • Fixed bug#12210 where pixmaps set on a menu would be incorrectly displayed in the generated executable (The last added one will always be shown for all menu entries with a pixmap).
  • Fixed bug#11878 where EiffelBuild would crash when saving a project just after removing an event.
  • Fixed bug#11738 where EiffelBuild would crash when picking and dropping a top level widget into the Generate button.

5.7 Release

  • Fixed positioning bug when moving items within their current parent by dropping on another item in that parent with the shift key held down.
  • Fixed bug where modifying the "User can resize" property of a window while the tools were always shown on top stopped the tools from being shown on top.
  • Added support for multi-line tooltips.
  • Added support for is_item_expanded from EV_SPLIT_AREA.
  • Added the ability to specify a directory for generation, into which location all files are to be generated.
  • Event selection dialogs now contain the name of the object to which they refer in their title for cases where multiple dialogs are open simultaneously
  • The project settings dialog is now completely navigatable via the keyboard on Windows platforms.
  • Added support for Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y to navigate through the history.
  • The font selection dialog now shows the currently selected font when displayed.
  • Deleting an object that is contained within an object editor now clears the contents of the object editor.
  • Preferences window now has the focus when displayed so it is fully navigatable via the keyboard.
  • Code generation improved to allow the modifying of constants and subsequent update of the interface, permitting multiple languages to be supported.

5.6 Release

  • Added support for the generation of any widget as a class. You now may place widgets within the "Widget Selector" to enable this. The "Widget Selector" is simply the old "Widget Selector" renamed.
  • Added clipboard functionality, permitting the copying/pasting of objects.
  • Added support for new constant types: Font and Color.

5.5 Release

  • Added support for EV_RICH_TEXT which has been added to EiffelVision2.
  • Notebook item texts may now be set to string constants.
  • Better support for corrupt installations with warning dialogs now displayed.
  • Fixed bug with generated code for notebooks often hiding the first item when they were actually displayed.

5.4 Release

  • Added support for multiple windows, including dialogs.
  • Added support for constants of type Integer, String, Directory and Pixmap.
  • New tool, "Widget Selector" added to handle organization of windows, including the ability to define subdirectories in a project, and group windows accordingly.
  • Tip of the day dialog added.
  • Recent projects are now available from the "File" menu.
  • The contents of EiffelBuild projects may now be imported.
  • The ability to reset the minimum dimensions of widgets have been added. In the previous version, it was not possible to complete undo the effects of setting a widgets minimum size.
  • Preferences added, which allow you to customize the default behavior of EiffelBuild. For example, dialogs may be displayed or hidden as desired.
  • The layout of EiffelBuild and its tools is now maintained between sessions.
  • Docking added, permitting the re-ordering of particular tools within the interface, including making them "float" externally.
  • Smarter code generation options, permitting only named attributes to be exported.