New expression dialog

Adding new expressions to the list of expressions that should be dynamically evaluated is performed via a dialog.

context: Current feature

context: As object

The first part in the dialog makes it possible to select the context of the expression.

  • The default context is the context of the currently selected call stack element, as shown in the left image above. This context gives access to the locals, the arguments, the result and the enclosing object features.
  • The object context, that requires a valid object address, gives access to the features of the selected object. If you select "As object", the result of the expression is the referenced object itself; and you can supply a name for the object, as depicted in the right image above.
  • The last context, the class-related context, gives access to the once and constant features of that class. It requires a valid class name.

The second part prompts for the expression itself. This field supports arguments, dot calls and operators (to a certain extent), but does not support creation expressions, agents or non-object calls. Genericity is partially supported.

The "Keep Assertion Checking" checkbox is used to enable assertion checking during expression evaluation if desired (by default assertions won't be checked).

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