To compile the example:

  • Launch EiffelStudio.
  • Click Add project
  • Browse to $ISE_EIFFEL\examples\wel\cursors\.
  • Choose cursors.ecf
  • Choose the location where the project will be compiled, by default the same directory containing the configuration file.
  • Click OK.
  • After the example compiles, select menu path "Project -> Freeze..." to freeze the project. This is necessary to include the compiled resource (.rc) file.


After launching the program, a window will be displayed as illustrated above. Selecting one of the cursor types from the "Cursors" menu will cause the selected cursor to be displayed when the mouse pointer is over the client area of the window.

Under the Hood

The feature on_menu_command has been redefined in MAIN_WINDOW to create the appropriate cursor when a menu selection is made, while on_set_cursor has been redefined to update the style of the displayed cursor.

This sample contains the following classes: