Rename Class

  1. Start the Rename refactoring action by either:
    1. Selecting Refactor->Rename from the context menu associated with the class you want to rename.
    2. Picking the class and dropping its pebble into the Rename hole () on the refactoring toolbar.
  2. After a compilation the Refactoring: Class Rename dialog appears. You can enter a new name.
  3. You can choose between these options:
    • Compiled Classes: only to the refactoring in compiled classes.
    • All Classes: do the refactoring in all classes, even in uncompiled classes.
    • Rename File: rename the file of the class to correspond with the class name, if another file with this name already exists the file will not be renamed and a warning will be given.
    • Replace Name in Comments: replace usage of the class name in comments that follow the {CLASSNAME} syntax.
    • Replace Name in Strings: replace usage of the class name in strings that follow the {CLASSNAME} syntax.
    • Reuse existing name: allow two or more classes to have the same name during refactoring (note: the compiler will still report an error, if there are two or more classes conflicting with same name, but this option could be use to merge two classes).
  4. Click OK.