Debuggee's Object Storage

This command can be accessed through the context menu, and from the objects tool, and watches tools thanks to the tool bar's button [ [[Image:execution-object-storage-icon]] ].

By Pick-and-Dropping a debuggee object onto the button [ [[Image:execution-object-storage-icon]] ], you raise the "save" dialog. Then you need to choose the name for the file into which EiffelStudio will store the debuggee object.

By clicking on Evaluation tool's button [ [[Image:execution-object-storage-icon]] ], you raise the "load" dialog. Then you need to select the name of the file which contains the debuggee object's storage. If the loading is successful, the retrieved object will be added in the related Evaluation tool.

Tip: By Pick-and-Dropping an object onto the button, you can load the retrieved values into the dropped object (provided that both have the same type).

Caution: For now this command implements only basic functionality, and is provided as-is. The underlying implementation uses {FILE}.independent_store and {FILE}.retrieved for save and load operations. To load the value into an existing object, it uses {ANY}.standard_copy (..). For details, you can have a look at the code in class RT_EXTENSION_GENERAL.