Major changes between ISE Eiffel 7.1 and ISE Eiffel 7.2

What's new

  • Added support for parsing Eiffel classes located in Unicode path.


  • Better error messages for VBAC(3), VBAR(2), VUTA(2) and VD80.
  • Fixed latency issues regarding SCOOP client and supplier processor.



Bug fixes

Language issues


Compiler issues

  • Fixed bug#18309: Refreezing system with no changes causes all C compilations to be redone.
  • Fixed eweasel test#valid278 and test#term188 (bug#18281 and bug#1984) by ensuring that the type used in the objectless call is full valid.

SCOOP issues

  • Fixed eweasel test#scoop027 to ensure lock passing detection when logging on a chain creator during creation of a new processor.

Runtime/code generation issues

  • Fixed bug#18299 and eweasel test#exec351 where copying nested expanded would cause a memory corruption.
  • Fixed eweasel test#thread024 where mutltithreaded projects could crash during a GC cycle.
  • Fixed an issue with EIF_INITIALIZE_AUX_THREAD that would not work properly in workbench mode because it forgot to initialize the interpreter side by calling `xinitint'.
  • Fixed a bug during debugging that causes a GC corruption due to the insertion of expanded objects located on the stack in the hector stack which is not allowed.

Store/Retrieve issues


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