finish_freezing utility


The command line utility finish_freezing is used to compile external code generated by the Eiffel compiler. Most of the time finish_freezing gets executed behind the scenes as you freeze and finalize Eiffel systems, so you don't really need to be aware of it. However, finish_freezing can be run standalone, and is useful, for example, when porting systems to other platforms.

Usage of finish_freezing

finish_freezing [-location <directory>] [-generate_only] [-nproc <n>] [-low] [-x86] [-library] [-version] [-nologo]


Options should be prefixed with: '-' or '/

Option Arguments Effect
-location directory Alternative location to compile C code in.
-generate_only Informs tool to generate only a Makefile.
-nproc n Maximum number of processors to use.
-low Executes finish freezing in low-execution priority mode.
-x86 Generate 32bit lib DLLs for .NET projects.
-library Compiles the C code of an Eiffel library.
-? Display usage information.
-version Displays version information.
-nologo Supresses copyright information.