Release notes for EiffelStudio 5.1

Graphical environment

  • Numerous improvements in usability and bug fixes.
  • Richer class and cluster creation dialogs.
  • Class name completion in the editor (by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Space half-way through the class name).
  • Editor now supports drag-and-drop of the selection.
  • When debugging a project from EiffelStudio, the current directory will be your project directory. It is a change from previous version where:
    • on Windows, it used to be launched in the W_code subdirectory of your project directory
    • on Unix, it used to be launched from the same directory where estudio (or ebench) was launched.
  • EiffelStudio GUI now also available on Unix platforms and Windows 9x/Me

Compiler and .NET

  • Click here for more details on compiler improvements and full Eiffel support on .NET



  • It is now forbidden to create a BIT_REF or a BIT X object using its creation procedure (before it was accepted but did not work)
  • Added make_temporary_name in FILE_NAME
  • Made to_c obsolete from class INTEGER_INTERVAL
  • Changed semantic of split from class STRING
  • Fixed a bug in clear_all from HASH_TABLE that kept a reference to the last found item. Now it does not keep the reference after a call to clear_all .


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