Generating multi-format documentation

EiffelStudio can generate documentation for a system using many different formats.

The Documentation Wizard, which helps you to get the documentation you want, is available in the Project menu, under the entry Generate Documentation.

The first page of the Documentation Wizard lets you choose between the available formats for the documentation:

Tip: The nicest output is produced by the html-stylesheet format.

Now the wizard asks you to select the clusters you want to produce documentation for:

In the next page you can specify indexing items on which HTML metatags will be based:

Note: This page is only available for HTML documentation.

You can then pick the formats you need among those available. For example, you might need a file containing the Cluster hierarchy of your system or, for each class, a file containing the Contracts of that class. At this point you can also decide to generate BON diagrams for the clusters selected in the previous page.

If you have checked Cluster diagrams in the previous page, you will now be able to choose a view for each diagram that is going to be generated. You have the choice between an automatically arranged view and all of the views you may have manually arranged with the Diagram Tool .

Note: Cluster diagrams are only available for HTML documentation.

Here comes the last page; you can choose the directory where the documentation is going to be generated:

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