Release notes for EiffelStudio 7.1

Graphical environment

What's new

  • New SCOOP processor garbage collection which now lets you create more than 1500 processors during one execution. There is still a limit on the number of concurrent processors you might have.
  • Added the Eiffel Web Framework contribution to build web applications or services in Eiffel.
  • Added support for specifying C compiler flags and linker flags.
  • Preview of GTK3 support which includes a HTML5 back-end for EiffelVision applications.
  • Added support for EIFFEL_LIBRARY environment variable, if set and ISE_LIBRARY is not set by the current user, the former will be used to locate libraries.
  • Info tool:
    • Added a new Add button and Go To button. Rearranged the position of Delete button.
    • Added a new built-in variable SYSTEM_PATH that refers to the location of system in which current entry is written.
    • Added new contextual menu "Info" and sub menus Add Info to and Copy URI from.
    • Implemented "DOC" protocol, supporting "bookmark" parameter, as long as Word is installed and available.
    • Synchronize stones into Into Tool when clicking "Synchronize Context Tool"
    • Improved acceptance of stones in the tool.
    • Remember selected item when the tree is rebuilt (for recompilation and so on)
    • Added a button to choose a file from a dialog for "Source".
    • Added a dropdown list of choices for protocols.
    • Changed names and sequence of columns as following: Target Source Parameters Protocol Name Tags Override
    • Drew signs on icons to show there is information related to a tree node.
    • In addition to "Unnamed" as default name, put "URI" as default protocol and as default Source when creating a new entry.
    • Added completion list for available variables in Source.


  • Better copy/paste of code to avoid useless reformatting after copying and pasting a block of text. The smart behavior is available via Ctrl+V or Shift+Ins. If the new behavior is not adequate, Ctrl+Shift+V will paste as is.
  • Better formatting of Eiffel source code when using the pretty printer.
  • Better performance of SCOOP runtime for certain types of concurrent calls.
  • Printing in postscript mode now allowed on Unix (previously, printing always defaulted to RTF); added use_postscript preference.
  • Take into account mice with high resolution wheels.
  • Avoid flashing when completion window is updated at each keystroke.
  • Avoid resizing the grid all the time in Info tool when grid items are recreated for sorting, or other operations.
  • Avoid adding empty attributes in code like EIS: "name=" when editing EIS entries.


  • Removed addition of .NET targets in our project configuration templates to make it easier on new users to compile a project out of the box.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed support of non-ASCII keyboard characters on Unix platforms.
  • Fixed issue with automatically generated tests which included tests that should have been excluded because they represented invalid tests (e.g. precondition failures).
  • Fixed issue where EiffelStudio would fail while trying to generate tests for a generic type whose generic derivation doesn't exist in the system.
  • Fixed a runtime issue when testing automatically generated tests for a void-safe program, they would always fail instead of passing (when they should be passing).
  • Fixed a failure of EiffelStudio when trying to display the help of a compiler error.
  • Fixed disappearance of dashed pick and drop lines on Windows.
  • Fixed an issue where trying to perform a diff inside the console tool would crash EiffelStudio.
  • Fixed a bug in EIS tool, when target was changed from class to feature or back, the column "Override" was not updated correctly.


  • Click here for the compiler release notes.


Graphical environment

  • Improved speed for multiple rows selection in watch tool.
  • Disable "ignore breakpoints" when launching debug session from "autotest" tool, or from execution parameters dialog.
  • Fixed a "Call on Void target" due to missing dynamic type information (Grid item crash in debugger).
  • Allowed evaluation of expressions which would not be valid if void-safety rules were applied (for example using a local that is detachable but the expression does not tell if at the evaluation time the local is attached or not).


  • Click here for the EiffelBuild release notes.



  • Fixed a bug with {ARRAY}.force when the new lower index is less than the old lower index - count.
  • Fixed a bug with {ARRAY}.force where if the items had to move, the newly allocated area was not reset.
  • Corrected precondition of {ARRAY}.force that did not allow storing elements at existing indexes.
  • Added {PLATFORM}.is_scoop_capable to find out if a system is compiled using a SCOOP capable runtime.
  • Added ability to create a local string using a separate string.
  • Moved most of the queries of strings descendants (e.g. is_real, is_integer, ...) to class READABLE_STRING_GENERAL to make it easier to handle all the various kinds of strings.
  • Added {HASH_TABLE}.disjoint to find out if 2 tables have some common elements or not based on the key comparison criteria.
  • Made explicit that the <code>area</code> is shared between an ARRAY and an ARRAYED_LIST created via conversion.
  • Fixed improper implementation of <code>copy</code> for UNIX_FILE_INFO and BOOL_STRING which caused for the former a sharing of some FILE specific information.
  • Fixed {STRING_32}.left_adjust that did not work properly when the string contained only white spaces.
  • Fixed an issue with {FILE}.exists on Windows 32-bit when files are larger than 2GB. It only occurs with the latest version of the Microsoft C++ compiler (VS2010 or later).


  • Added support for XML data in ODBC.
  • Fixed an issue with retrieving blob of null-size.
  • Added ability to connect to several databases at once for the same database handle.
  • Added ability to connect to an ODBC database using a connection string.
  • Improved support for MySQL.
  • Added query to find out how many rows have been affected by the last query.
  • Made sure that errors are properly propagated when calling {DATABASE_MANAGER}.execute_query_without_commit.
  • Properly handled {DB_CHANGE}.reset.
  • Improved SQL string escaping. Fixed bug escaping for ODBC.
  • Added capability to enable multi-statements execution for MySQL.


  • Breaking change in class THREAD, descendants should now call {THREAD}.make in order to initialize threads properly. This change was required to have a project using SCOOP be able to use libraries that are only aware of multithreading.
  • Fixed a memory corruption issue occurring when many threads are exiting at once, or that a child thread exits immediately after its parent but the parent is not yet finished in its termination.


  • Fixed improper parsing of 2 digit hours.


Web Browser Library

  • Fixed a C compilation issue when finalizing a project using this library.


  • Added ability to print to a specific printer or the default printer without having to show the printer dialog.
  • Added support for loading EMF files through WEL_GDIP_METAFILE.
  • Fixed an issue with WEL_DISK_SPACE that was not working in 64-bit mode. The fix implies a breaking change in that now a NATURAL_64 is returned instead of an INTEGER_32.
  • Added SCOOP support.

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