Esql Sample

This sample consists of a command line SQL parser. SQL statements are filtered through a monitor and sent to the RDBMS.


To compile the example:

  • Launch EiffelStudio.
  • Click Add project
  • Browse to $ISE_EIFFEL\examples\store\esql\.
  • Choose esql.ecf
  • Choose the location where the project will be compiled, by default the same directory containing the configuration file.
  • Choose the targe according to the installed DBMS.
  • Click OK.


This sample lets you interact with your database through a console.

First you have to enter the database connection information:

  • For ODBC:

Database user authentication: Data Source Name: handson Name: smith Password: mypass

Note: Name and Password are not required with ODBC. If you don't need Name and Password, you can simply hit Return when prompted.

  • For Oracle:

Database user authentication: Name: smith@HANDSON Password: mypass

Note: You must specify the Oracle User Name and Net Service Name with the syntax <user>@<service> where <user> stands for the User Name and <service> stands for the Net Service Name.

Then you can enter standard SQL queries to interact with your database, for instance: SQL> select firstname, lastname from CONTACTS where lastname = 'Smith' John Smith SQL>

Note: Enter exit to quit the application.

Under the Hood

This sample showcases the use of the 3 basic classes to interact with your database:

The whole sample code is contained in the root class:

  • ESQL for Oracle.
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