Positioning table children

If the current object in the object editor is of type EV_TABLE, a button marked "position children..." is contained in the object editor. Click this button, to display the following window:

Each of the children are displayed on a grid representing the table cells that each occupies (by default 1x1). To manipulate a child of the table, click the left mouse button inside the desired child, and it will be highlighted in red. You may the manipulate the selected child in the following ways:

  • Moving - Press and hold the left mouse button within the selected child, and move the mouse.
  • Resizing - Move the mouse over the border of the child, until the cursor changes to a resize cursor, then press and hold the left mouse button to re-size the child.

Note: Each child, may only occupy a unique set of cells within the table, and if you attempt to move or re-size a child to an invalid position, it will be displayed in gray.

When you have finished manipulating the children of the table, click the button marked "Done" to close the dialog.