Release notes for EiffelStudio 22.12

Graphical environment

  • Added code completion support for once classes
  • Improved the Add Library implementation by allowing to add "redirection" ecf files, and fixed the Add Cluster functionalities in recursive cluster.
  • Fixed an harmless exception when first inserting Unicode symbol using the "Insert Symbol" dialog on Windows.


  • New platforms: macosx-armv6 (M1, M2 support) and linux-arm64.
  • Reviewed and updated generated C code to fix potential execution issues due to "clang" C compiler optimizations (especially on ARM architecture).
  • Fixed the compilation of once class without any creation procedures.


  • It is now possible to use the "emdc.exe" .Net md consumer, as an alternative to the COM md consumer from EiffelStudio, as a first step toward supporting .Net on non Windows platform.


For Macos users on M1/M2 (arm) architecture, please read the specific note Release notes for EiffelStudio 22.12 - macosx

See change log for more details.