Positioning fixed children

If the current object in the object editor is of type EV_FIXED, a button marked "position children..." will be contained in the object editor. Click this button, to display the following window:

  • Moving - Press and hold the left mouse button within the selected child, and move the mouse.
  • Resizing - Move the mouse over the border of the child, until the cursor changes to a resize cursor, then press and hold the left mouse button to re-size the child.

Note: As placing a child in an EV_FIXED does not modify the size of the child, it is possible that some children have a size of 0x0 pixels, and hence do not show up in the diagram. In this case, there will be the following displayed in the status bar "Widget is 0x0 pixels, click HERE to enlarge". If you subsequently click on the status bar, then the widget will be enlarged to a more useful size.

Grid Properties

The grid properties are displayed in the bottom right hand side of the window. You may modify the following attributes:

  • Snap to grid - Select this option if you wish all widget coordinates to be snapped to the grid displayed in the window.
  • Visible - If selected, then the grid is visible.
  • Grid size - The spacing between grid elements in pixels.

When you have finished manipulating the children of the table, click the button marked "Done" to close the dialog.