Merging radio button groups

If the current object editor contains an EV_CONTAINER object , then the following control will be available:

With this control, you can merge two or more instances of EV_CONTAINER together, so that any EV_RADIO_BUTTON contained are grouped.


To create a new merge, pick an object of type EV_CONTAINER, and drop it anywhere on the control. This will merge the radio button group of the EV_CONTAINER referenced in the object editor, to the transported one. Each merge, will show up as a new item in the control.

Note: Container objects may only be grouped once, and as such, you will not be permitted to add an object that is already contained in the list.


To unmerge a container object from a group, pick the representation of that object from the list, and drop on . This will unmerge the object from the current group of containers.

Locating group member

To locate the object referenced by a list item in the control, left click the item that you wish to locate. This will display the representation of the associated object within the layout constructor , and the associated icon will be animated for a short period of time.