Development Window Preferences

This category gathers a list of preferences related to the development window in EiffelStudio.

Label in the preferences window Complete Description
Class completion Allow class name completion in the address combo boxes?
Ctrl right click receiver Receivers of control-right-click.
Dock tracking Docked tools track main window?
Editor left side Display editor on left? (Requires restart)
Expand feature tree Automatically expand the feature tree.
Feature clause order Order used to sort feature clauses in formatted texts.
Graphical output disabled Disable graphical output?
Left panel use explorer style Show only one tool (Features, Clusters, Search, Windows) at a time. (Requires restart)
Maximum history size Maximum number of items displayed in the history combo boxes.
Progress bar color Color for progress bar.
Remember completion list size Should size of completion list be remembered between completions in the editor?
Search tool show_options Should search tool be shown?
Show address toolbar Should address toolbar be shown?
Show all text in general toolbar Is text of toolbar items displayed?
Show general_toolbar Should general toolbar be shown?
Show project toolbar Should project toolbar be shown?
Show text in general_toolbar Should text be shown in general toolbar?
Unified stone Link the context tool with other components by default?

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