Running an application

There are several ways to launch an application. Not all are available depending on the way you compiled your system.

Melted and frozen executables can be debugged. Several methods can be used to launch such an executable:

  • The default Run and stop at breakpoints . It launches the executable located in the EIFGENs/target_name/W_code directory under the project directory. The execution stops whenever a breakpoint is encountered.
  • The Run without breakpoints . It has the same behavior except that the execution won't stop when a breakpoint is met.
  • The step commands, which execute only a small part of the program at a time:

Tip: All the above commands can be accessed either in the Project toolbar or in the Debug menu.
They can be used either to launch the program or to resume its execution after it has been paused.

  • It is also possible to select Run to breakpoint in a breakpoint context menu to have the application be launched and executed until it reaches the selected execution line.

Finalized executables can also be run, but they are not debuggable and cannot be interrupted. To run a finalized executable, use the Run a finalized executable , located in the Project menu and the Project toolbar.

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