Syntax auto complete

Syntax auto-complete in EiffelStudio editor is twofold :

  • The editor can close brackets ("(", "{" and "[") and quotes(""", "'" and "`") automatically. This feature is disabled by default. It can be activated in the editor preferences.
  • The editor can complete syntactic structures or part of them. The auto-complete is triggered when "Enter" or "Space" keys are pressed after a reserved word included in the following list:

class ensure invariant require else
check ensure then is rescue
create export local select
creation external loop then
debug feature obsolete undefine
deferred from once until
do if precursor variant
else indexing redefine when
elseif inherit rename
end inspect require

See Also: How the editor completes by default and how the default behavior can be changed, documented in the Syntax automatic completion preferences

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