Warning Options

Warning dialog

  • Enabled: globally enabled/disable warnings.
  • Old Syntax: warn about the use of old syntax
  • Same UUID: different configuration files with the same uuid
  • Old Verbatim Strings: warn about usage of old verbatim strings
  • Assignment on Formal/Expanded: warn about assignment attempts on formal or expanded targets
  • Options Unknown Class: class options for an unknown class
  • Onces in Generics: once features in a generic
  • Obsolete Features: features that are obsolete
  • Missing Class Export: features are exported to a class that does not exist
  • Obsolete Classes: classes that are obsolete
  • Incompatible Types Equality: incompatible types in equality comparison
  • Unused Locals: locals that are not used
  • Renaming Unknown Class: renaming was defined for a class that does not exist